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Recruitment, Sweden

AI Powered Job Portal for Business Sweden


Business Sweden partnered with Tech Active to develop a state-of-the-art job portal to bridge the gap between international students in Swedish universities and employment opportunities in Swedish companies worldwide. A thorough project discovery and roadmapping phase laid the foundation for a platform leveraging AI to ensure fair opportunities to all students. 

The Challenge

  • Creating a user-friendly yet secure registration process for genuine students and alumni.
  • Ensuring fair and unbiased job opportunity distribution.
  • Providing universities with the ability to monitor student job application activities.
  • Facilitating recruiters in their search for qualified candidates and in streamlining the hiring process.

Dashboard featuring AI-Powered Job Portal


Student On-boarding: We designed an authentication mechanism that verifies the credentials of students and alumni through integration with Swedish educational databases. To ensure a seamless process, we decided to hire front end developers who specialize in creating intuitive, user-friendly interfaces. This proprietary verification process ensures that only legitimate and current or former students can register, maintaining the platform's integrity.

Universities Management Portal: A dedicated portal for university administrators was established. This portal provided analytics on student employment trends, real-time tracking of application statuses, and insights into the effectiveness of the universities' career services.

Recruiter Access and AI Matching: Swedish companies received access to a robust recruitment portal. Powered by AI, developed through our ai ml consulting expertise, the portal offered advanced filtering, helping recruiters to identify ideal candidates. An AI-based matching algorithm analyzed student profiles and job descriptions to recommend the best fits, facilitating unbiased hiring decisions.

Intelligent Hiring Suite: The platform boasts AI-driven tools for interview scheduling, candidate evaluation, and predictive analysis to estimate applicant success rates, enhancing the recruitment experience for both companies and candidates. This suite was part of our custom software development services, tailored specifically for Business Sweden's needs.

Monitoring and Reporting: Real-time monitoring capabilities for university officials and recruiters were integrated, allowing them to track all interactions with job listings. Additionally, comprehensive reporting tools provided valuable insights into the hiring cycle and recruitment patterns.


  • Verified and authenticated over 16,000 student profiles within the first three months, ensuring a high-quality talent pool.
  • Enabled 95% of registered companies to match with suitable candidates within one week of posting job openings.
  • Achieved a user satisfaction rate of 90% among recruiters using the generative AI job description tool.
  • Facilitated a 25% reduction in time-to-hire for participating Swedish companies, indicating the efficiency of the AI-powered recruitment process.

Scope of work

Product Development
Data Analytics
Artificial Intelligence

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