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Recruitment, United Kingdom

AI CV Parsing & Candidate Matching Platform


A recruitment agency set forth on a transformative project to integrate an advanced AI-based CV Parsing and Candidate Matching System within its operations. By harnessing the capabilities of OpenAI's GPT-4, the agency aimed to revolutionise the way it processed and matched vast amounts of candidate information to job descriptions. This ambitious project was supported by a machine learning development company, bringing specialized expertise to the table.

The Challenge

The agency’s recruitment process was beleaguered with inefficiencies stemming from:

  • Tedious manual CV data extraction that was slow and error-prone.
  • Inconsistent analysis of candidates’ qualifications against job requirements.
  • Suboptimal candidate-job matching due to limitations in understanding complex job descriptions and candidate profiles.

Website dashboard featuring AI-based CV Parsing


We developed a sophisticated solution with the following components:

Large Language Model Utilisation (GPT-4): We integrated OpenAI's GPT-4 to serve as the core for parsing and understanding both CV data and job descriptions. Its advanced NLP capabilities allowed for nuanced interpretation of text.

Machine Learning (ML) Framework: The system was underpinned by a robust ML framework using PyTorch that included supervised learning for initial training and unsupervised learning algorithms for pattern recognition in CV data.

Data Enrichment: By training the system with a large corpus of annotated CVs and job descriptions, the AI model could learn various industry-specific terminologies and career path patterns.

Semantic Analysis: The AI leveraged deep learning techniques to conduct semantic analysis of the text, enabling it to grasp the context and meaning behind words in the CVs and job descriptions.

Candidate Matching: GPT-4's sophisticated understanding of nuances in language and its transformer architecture allowed it to compare candidate qualifications with job requirements efficiently, delivering highly accurate matching results. The development of this system was further enhanced by the decision to hire data engineers who specialised in refining and optimising the data processing capabilities.


Implementing the AI-based system delivered outstanding outcomes:

  • CV processing times were slashed by over 60% with significant improvements in data accuracy.
  • The agency reported a 38% increase in the quality of candidate-job matches, attributed to the system's deep understanding of job requisites and candidate capabilities.
  • The employment of GPT-4 and its machine learning components ensured a scalable system that improved over time, capable of adjusting to new roles and industry changes.

Scope of work

Cloud & DevOps
Data Warehouse
Artificial Intelligence

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