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Transport, United States & India

Intelligent Parking Solution for US Startup


US-based Parklens approached Tech Active, a renowned machine learning solutions company, with the vision of revolutionizing parking through technology. They aimed to alleviate common parking woes and introduce a seamless, efficient, and intelligent parking management system.

The Challenge

The primary challenges ParkLens faced included:

  • Inefficient use of parking spaces leading to congestion.
  • Time-consuming searches for available spots by drivers.
  • Lack of real-time data for parking management.
  • Inadequate enforcement of parking rules.

Dashboard of AI-based Parking solution


Tech Active developed a comprehensive intelligent parking solution, integrating cutting-edge technologies to address each challenge.

IoT-Based Sensor System: Tech Active implemented an Internet of Things (IoT) sensor network to monitor parking spot availability in real time, transmitting data to a centralised system for processing.

Mobile Application Development: Tech Active’s offshore developers developed a user-friendly mobile app to guide drivers to the nearest available parking spot using real-time data, significantly reducing search time and traffic. An intuitive feature allowed drivers to reserve parking spots in advance. The app integrated a secure payment gateway enabling drivers to pay for parking using credit cards.

Data Analytics Platform: Leveraging cloud-based analytics, the system provided ParkLens with insights into parking patterns, enabling data-driven decisions to optimise parking space utilisation.

Automated Enforcement: The solution incorporated licence plate recognition technology to automate parking rule enforcement, ensuring compliance and reducing manual labor.

Cloud Infrastructure: Hosted on GCP robust cloud platform, the solution ensured scalability, high availability, and security of data.


The intelligent parking solution by Tech Active delivered impactful results:

  • Drivers experienced a 40% reduction in time spent searching for parking.
  • ParkLens reported a 25% improvement in the utilization of parking spaces.
  • Automated enforcement led to a 60% decrease in parking violations.
  • The GCP cloud infrastructure accommodated a rapid scaling up of services without downtime.

Scope of work

Product Development
Data Analytics
Computer Vision AI
Cloud & DevOps

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