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Transport, United Kingdom

Innovating Ride-hailing with an On-demand Platform


Tasked with developing a distinct on-demand ride-hailing platform, Tech Active aimed to disrupt a highly competitive market by delivering a service that excelled in convenience, efficiency, and user satisfaction for a niche segment. A dedicated software development team was assembled to focus exclusively on this ambitious project.

The Challenge

Tech Active encountered several industry-specific challenges:

  • The platform needed to offer unparalleled features to differentiate itself from existing services.
  • Crafting a balanced, appealing experience for both drivers and passengers was crucial.
  • The solution had to manage growth and high usage volumes without performance drops.
  • Ensuring robust data protection was essential to maintain user trust and regulatory compliance.
  • The system had to facilitate instant and reliable real-time interactions and transactions.

A unique ride-hailing platform that offers on-demand services.


Tech Active developed a multifaceted ride-hailing platform featuring cutting-edge AI and cloud solutions. Key elements of the platform included:

Comprehensive Customer App Experience: The customer app integrates a variety of features to enhance user experience, including a secure credit card payment system, real-time tracking of rides, and a personal history of past trips for convenient rebooking. Users can schedule rides ahead of time and effortlessly handle their ride-related queries through a seamless ZenDesk integration that provides robust in-app support, ensuring prompt assistance and feedback resolution.

Corporate bookings: The Customer app facilitated corporate bookings, where companies could arrange rides for employees and receive a consolidated monthly invoice.

AI-Driven Heat Maps: Utilising TensorFlow, an open-source machine learning framework, and guidance from our machine learning consulting experts, the platform delivered predictive heatmaps that highlighted areas of high demand. This enabled drivers to position themselves in optimal locations, effectively increasing their opportunity for higher earnings.

Streamlined Driver Onboarding and Payouts: The platform automates driver earnings distribution and enhances safety with a rigorous vetting process, combining seamless third-party background verifications and flexible payment gateway integrations.

Cloud-Based Call Center: The system's integrated cloud call center used predictive AI, developed as part of custom machine learning solutions, to anticipate call volumes, enabling efficient dispatch allocation and ride assignment, which improved service for callers and balanced dispatcher workloads.


  • The platform saw a rapid uptake with a spike in user sign-ups, indicating a strong market fit.
  • Handled 2500+ of daily transactions flawlessly, showcasing operational robustness.
  • Garnered positive ratings, with over 90% user satisfaction reported for both drivers and passengers.
  • Maintained a 100% clean security record, ensuring user data integrity and trust.
  • Scaled to 200% user base in six months, proving the platform's robust architecture and scalability.

Scope of work

Product Development
Data Warehouse
Data Analytics
Artificial Intelligence
Cloud & DevOps

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