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Media, United Kingdom

Cloud based DMP + Email Advertising Platform


Recognizing the need for a specialized email advertising platform, a UK-based media startup wanted to hire a software development team with the necessary expertise in creating advanced, cloud-based solutions. Tech Active was chosen for their ability to integrate cutting-edge AI and develop custom software platforms, addressing the startup's requirement for a platform capable of delivering targeted, personalised email campaigns efficiently and securely.

The Challenge

  • Developing a user-friendly interface that allows advertisers to create effective, mobile-responsive email campaigns with ease.
  • Developing sophisticated AI technologies to analyse audience preferences and behaviour.
  • Implementing a GDPR-compliant, secure, scalable data management platform.
  • Effective routing of emails through multiple ESPs to improve inbox placement rate.

Dashboard of an Data Management Platform


Campaign Creation Tools: The platform features a dynamic campaign builder that allows advertisers to design and deploy targeted email campaigns seamlessly. It integrates various audience segments for creating content that is both tailored and optimised for mobile devices.

AI-Driven Audience Insights: By integrating OpenAI and TensorFlow into a Data Management Platform (DMP), marketers gain advanced insights into audience behaviours, including response patterns, device preferences, and engagement timings. This AI-driven approach reveals underlying factors like reasons for unsubscribes, enabling more effective campaign strategy refinements. 

Custom Data Management Platform: A bespoke DMP was developed for secure, scalable management of millions of email records, ensuring robust data security and adherence to GDPR standards.

Streamlined Automated Workflows: The platform features automated systems that streamline financial transactions with publishers and facilitate consistent data maintenance, enhancing both operational efficiency and data transparency.

Email Delivery Optimization: Utilising AI algorithms, the platform optimises email routing through various Email Service Providers, significantly boosting inbox delivery rates.

Custom CRM and Analytics Dashboards: The solution combines a custom CRM module with detailed analytics dashboards, enhancing user experience and operational efficiency. This integration simplifies the onboarding process for advertisers and publishers, while providing them with extensive insights into campaign metrics, audience behavior, and revenue data.

Publisher Management: The platform enables publishers to securely upload and track their data, providing insights into usage patterns and data health. This system ensures data security and transparency, fostering strong collaboration between publishers and platform.


  • The platform efficiently handles the delivery of 3 million emails daily.
  • Over 10 million email records are actively managed and enriched within the DMP. 
  • The implementation of the custom machine learning solutions has led to a remarkable improvement in email delivery efficiency, with an increase exceeding 12%.

Scope of work

Product Development
Artificial Intelligence
Data Science
Cloud & DevOps

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