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Charity, Australia

Custom CRM & App for a Leading Charity


Tech Active partnered with a prominent charity organisation to create a custom donor management CRM system tailored to their Australian operations. Alongside this, a secure enterprise iPad app was developed to facilitate door-to-door donation collection, streamlining donor interactions and payment processing. To accomplish this project effectively, the organisation decided to hire a software development team that specialised in creating custom CRM development solutions

The Challenge

The charity faced multiple challenges in managing their expansive donor base effectively:

  • Existing systems were inadequate for handling bulk payment processing efficiently.
  • Security concerns were paramount, with a need for stringent data protection for donor information.
  • The organisation required a comprehensive CRM system for better management and communication with donors.
  • A lack of integration with existing accounting systems and support platforms like Zoho Desk led to operational silos.
  • Scalability issues hampered their ability to grow and adapt to increasing donor activity.

Custom donor management CRM


Tech Active developed a bespoke CRM platform with robust features to meet these challenges:

Integrated Donor CRM Suite: The CRM was built with comprehensive modules to manage detailed donor profiles, historical donor interactions, and customised communication channels, enhancing donor relationship management.

Enhanced Bulk Payment Processing: The CRM introduced an advanced payment processing module capable of handling large volumes of transactions, reducing processing time, and eliminating errors.

Advanced Data Security Protocols: Leveraging the latest in encryption and cybersecurity, the platform ensured that all donor data remained secure against unauthorised access, with compliance to international data protection standards.

iPad App for Donation Collection: The custom-designed iPad app provided collectors with a portable solution to securely process donations and capture donor details on the go, with real-time synchronization to the main CRM.

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics: The CRM included a dynamic reporting engine, offering real-time insights into donor trends, donation patterns, and financial forecasting to inform strategic decisions.

Multi-channel Communication Framework: The system supported a multi-channel approach, allowing communication with donors through email, SMS, and Whatsapp notifications.

Dedicated Support and Ticketing Module: Integrated with Zoho Desk, the platform provided a seamless channel for donors to raise queries, requests, or cancellations, all managed within the CRM ecosystem


The development of this sophisticated custom CRM platform  was facilitated by engaging offshore developers, who brought in diverse expertise and cost-effective solutions. The custom CRM and iPad app yielded notable outcomes for the charity. 

  • Processed donations 30% faster, streamlining collection and management.
  • Achieved a 15% increase in donor engagement through enhanced communication and relationship management.
  • Unified financial and customer service operations for better oversight.
  • Expanded donor base by 35% without tech constraints.
  • Showcased DevOps excellence with a scalable cloud setup and robust CI/CD practices.

Scope of work

Product Development
Zoho Desk integration
Cloud & DevOps

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