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Finance, United Kingdom

Custom CRM Solution for Debt Management


A premier UK based debt management enterprise embarked on a mission to refine their operations and customer engagement with the adoption of an advanced CRM platform. This initiative was driven by the need to adeptly manage intricate debt portfolios and deliver superior customer service in an increasingly competitive landscape. The development and implementation of this CRM platform were bolstered by the expertise of a dedicated software development team, ensuring a solution perfectly aligned with the company's specific needs.

The Challenge

The firm faced operational inefficiencies due to:

  • Inadequate data management was impairing operational efficiency.
  • Disparate management tools hindered a unified operational approach.
  • Customer engagement tracking was cumbersome and inefficient.
  • Rigorous and evolving financial regulations posed compliance challenges.

A dashboard featuring Debt Management CRM


We developed an innovative CRM platform tailored to meet the unique demands of debt management, with key features that included:

Centralised Customer Dashboard: For a holistic view of customer interactions, financial status, and portfolio details.

Automated Workflows: Designed to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of debt resolution processes.

Financial System Integration: Facilitating real-time credit scoring, background checks, address verification, and bank account matching to ensure comprehensive risk assessment.

Communication Module: A part of the sophisticated communication module allowed for tracking customer interactions, managing follow-ups, and handling automated responses, all enhanced by WhatsApp integration. This allowed customers to upload documents directly through WhatsApp, which were then automatically recorded in the CRM system, streamlining the documentation process.

Advanced Analytics: Providing strategic insights into customer behaviour, risk profiles, and success forecasting to guide decision-making, further enriched by the involvement of data science experts who brought cutting-edge analytical capabilities to the platform.

Our CRM leverages a microservices architecture for scalable, independent component management and is hosted on AWS for robust, reliable infrastructure, ensuring high performance and availability.


The CRM platform's introduction brought about transformative impacts on the business:

  • A 30% increase in operational efficiency by expediting debt portfolio management.
  • Improved customer experience with the convenience of WhatsApp for document submissions.
  • Enhanced customer engagement strategies leading to a 25% rise in effective communications and follow-ups.
  • Assurance of full regulatory compliance through integrated financial checks and balances.

Scope of work

Product Development
Cloud & DevOps
Data Analytics

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