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Automobile, India

Car Detailing Platform for Bodycoat


Bodycoat, an esteemed car detailing startup in India, aimed to elevate its operational efficiency and enrich its customer service experience. To achieve this, they decided to hire backend developers from Tech Active for a holistic digital solution, adeptly managing their comprehensive service offerings and refining the overall management workflow.

The Challenge

Bodycoat's operational challenges were multifaceted:

  • An inefficient manual booking system, leading to overbooking and client service delays.
  • The absence of a unified system for customer, appointment, and service management.
  • No dedicated real-time communication channels for customer updates and feedback.
  • Challenges in tracking service quality and job progress.
  • A lack of insightful analytics to guide business strategies and understand customer trends.

Custom car detailing management platform


Tech Active developed a custom car detailing management platform, incorporating:

Comprehensive CRM System: To manage customer profiles, appointment history, and tailor services to individual preferences.

Job Management Tool: A dynamic tool for the execution team to manage bookings, offer real-time job progress updates, and handle auto-job allocation, rescheduling, order edits, and job completion.

Intuitive Booking System: Allowing synchronisation with staff schedules, minimising overbooking, and optimising service slots.

Pricing & Subscription Management: Enabling Bodycoat to set up custom pricing strategies, manage multi-tier products, and subscription plans for services offered.

Quality Control Dashboard: To oversee detailing jobs and guarantee quality standards.

Automated Feedback Requests: To gather post-service customer reviews on WhatsApp, SMS and Web via automated workflows, providing vital insights for service improvement.

Business Intelligence: By analysing customer behaviour, peak times, and revenue data, Bodycoat could make data-driven decisions.

Mobile Application: We rolled out a customer-focused app that featured:

Seamless Booking: For hassle-free appointment setting.

Customizable Services: Tailored to specific detailing requirements and car models.

Notification System: Keeping customers informed and engaged.

Infrastructure and Cloud Services: Implemented on Google Cloud Platform, the solution ensures reliability and scalability, supported by robust CI/CD pipelines for agile feature rollout and maintenance. Custom software development services were employed to ensure a tailored and efficient digital solution.


Post-implementation, Bodycoat observed:

  • A 35% surge in booking efficiency.
  • Lower operational costs and reduced manual errors.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction, reflected in an increase in positive feedback.
  • Actionable insights from analytics, leading to smarter business decisions.
  • A digital revolution in their service delivery, setting new benchmarks in the car detailing industry. The angular js development services played a crucial role in creating a responsive and user-friendly frontend for the platform.

Scope of work

Product Development
Data Analytics
Cloud & DevOps

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