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Hospitality, Singapore

Cloud-Based Hotel Experience Platform


Helius, a Singapore-based startup engaged Tech Active and their dedicated software development team to develop a groundbreaking cloud-based Hotel Operations Platform. This innovative platform, meticulously developed, was aimed at comprehensively managing every facet of hotel operations, with a special focus on enhancing guest journeys, optimising organisational resources, and tracking performance metrics.

The Challenge

The primary challenges included:

  • Integrating a user-friendly system for efficient management of hotel operations.
  • Incorporating predictive maintenance using data science and machine learning for room upkeep.
  • Enhancing guest experience through modern technology like voice-activated services.

App interface of Cloud-Based Hotel Experience Platform


Cloud and Mobile Management Platform: A centralised platform accessible via cloud and mobile was developed, aimed at streamlining the management of guest services and room bookings. This interface is specifically designed for ease of use by hotel staff, enhancing operational efficiency.

Custom Optaplanner Integration: The platform's advanced use of Optaplanner optimises complex scheduling tasks, like staff rostering and maintenance assignments. It intelligently allocates resources by analysing staff skills, availability, and hotel needs, enhancing operational efficiency and guest service quality.

Voice-Activated Services through Amazon Alexa: The integration of Amazon Alexa into the platform allows guests to control room settings and access various services via voice commands, offering a unique and personalised stay experience.

Predictive Maintenance: The platform leverages data science and machine learning, with insights from data science experts, to implement predictive maintenance in hotel rooms. This advanced feature proactively identifies potential maintenance issues, ensuring optimal guest comfort and maintaining the highest standards of room quality.

Personalized Guest Interaction Tools: This module allows hotels to customise room environments and communication based on individual guest preferences, remembered for enhancing future visits.

Real-Time Analytics for Performance Monitoring: The platform is equipped with analytics tools that provide insights into hotel performance metrics and guest feedback, aiding in strategic decision-making for continual improvement.

Enhanced Communication Systems: The platform features integrated communication systems to facilitate efficient and effective interaction between hotel staff and guests, ensuring prompt service delivery and enhanced guest satisfaction.


  • Increasing guest satisfaction through personalized experiences.
  • Significant reduction in operational costs as a result of optimizing resource allocation and reducing waste.
  • Reduced routine scheduling and task management time by 20% by increasing employee efficiency and productivity.
  • Increased overall hotel performance, reflected in a 15% rise in guest ratings and a significant boost in revenue generation.

Scope of work

Product Development
Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
Data Science
Cloud & DevOps

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