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Recruitment, United Kingdom

Cloud-Based ATS for a Recruitment Agency


A UK based recruitment agency aimed to enhance its recruitment process and client interaction by implementing a cutting-edge Applicant Tracking System (ATS). The necessity to improve scalability and user experience in a dynamic recruitment industry spurred this development. The new cloud-based solution was tailored to address the growing data management needs and facilitate a more efficient recruitment workflow, incorporating custom software development services to create a solution perfectly suited to the agency's unique requirements.

The Challenge

The recruitment agency faced:

  • Scalability issues with the existing ATS.
  • Inefficient data systems for applicant tracking.
  • Inadequate client engagement for job and candidate management.
  • Manual and time-consuming interview scheduling and job offering.
  • Unstreamlined financial and billing processes.

Dashboard for an AI-driven applicant tracking system


Our comprehensive solution involved the creation of two interconnected systems, each designed to streamline specific aspects of the recruitment process:

Internal ATS for Employees and Staff:

Customizable Recruitment Workflows: New workflows can be tailored for different recruitment strategies.

Advanced Candidate Search: Enhanced search capabilities to sift through the candidate database effectively.

Comprehensive Candidate Profiles: A robust database was developed for storing all candidate information.

Integration with Third-Party Job Portals: The system enables direct job postings to external job portals.

Billing System Integration: A billing system was embedded to streamline internal financial operations.

AI-based CV Parser: An AI tool, developed with ai and ml consulting expertise, was introduced for parsing CVs, to automate and improve the accuracy of data entry.

Self-Service Portal for Customers: 

Job Posting: Clients can now easily post their job requirements directly to the system.

Subscription Purchases: A seamless mechanism for clients to buy subscriptions using credit/debit cards was integrated.Clients can easily download invoices for financial records.

Resume Browsing and Shortlisting: Clients gain access to view resumes linked to their job requirements and shortlist candidates.

Interview Coordination: The system allows clients to schedule interviews and track the process.


The deployment of the new ATS system had a significant impact on the agency’s operations:

  • The self-service portal for clients improved the efficiency of the recruitment process by 40%.
  • Employees benefited from the customizable workflows and advanced search capabilities, significantly reducing the time spent on administrative tasks.
  • The ability to post directly to third-party job portals expanded the agency's market presence.
  • The AI-based CV parser minimised manual data entry errors and expedited the recruitment process.

Scope of work

Product Development
Cloud & DevOps
Artificial Intelligence
Data Analytics

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