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Media, India

Digital Marketplace for Musicians and Creators


An innovative startup from India approached TechActive with a vision to create a digital platform, Beatroute, that connects musicians with a global audience. The goal was to enable musicians to create profiles, upload their jingles/beats, and monetize their creations through licensing to advertisers, social media influencers, and other content creators. Tech Active, being one of the custom software development companies, was well-positioned to bring this vision to life with its expertise in building specialized digital platforms.

The Challenge

  • The platform needed to authenticate musician identities securely and efficiently.
  • Ensuring uploaded content was protected from piracy and illegal downloads.
  • Required high-performance streaming capabilities for a seamless audio experience.
  • The need for a transparent and secure way to handle licensing transactions.
  • Musicians needed a reliable payment system for royalty disbursements.

A Music app's main page interface


Secure Musician Onboarding: The onboarding process was designed to utilize Aadhar-based ID verification, integrating with banking APIs to verify the musician's bank details, ensuring a secure and smooth entry onto the platform. 

Piracy Protection through Audio Watermarking: To safeguard against piracy, an inaudible audio watermark is embedded into each track using AWS Elastic Transcoder, tracing any unauthorised sharing.

Seamless Audio Streaming with AWS CloudFront: Leveraging AWS CloudFront, the platform delivers low-latency and high-speed audio streaming, ensuring users can preview beats and jingles without buffering issues or quality loss.

Blockchain for Licensing Integrity: Every licensing transaction is recorded on a blockchain using NEAR protocol, providing an immutable ledger of usage rights and ownership. 

Customer Licensing and Profile Management: Customers can register, search for music, purchase licenses, and manage profiles and payments, with the added ability to review and provide feedback on purchases.

Direct Payouts and Commission Structure: Musicians receive periodic payouts directly into their bank accounts. The platform earns a commission on each transaction. 

Artist Analytics and Engagement Suite: The portal features a comprehensive dashboard enabling artists to control their content, set dynamic pricing, and analyze sales data, alongside instant notifications for engagement and transactions. The platform's user interface and functionalities were significantly enhanced by the integration of Angular JS development services, ensuring a responsive and intuitive user experience.


The platform achieved rigorous musician verification, stellar piracy prevention, elevated global engagement, and a high volume of secure transactions.

  • Verified over 1,000  musician profiles within the first year, ensuring authenticity and trust. 
  • Achieved a 99.9% piracy prevention rate for uploaded content through effective watermarking. 
  • Recorded a 50% increase in global user engagement. 
  • Executed over 2,000 secure blockchain transactions within the first six months, highlighting the platform's robust transactional framework.

Scope of work

Product Development
Cloud & DevOps

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