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Education, India

Business Intelligence Transformation for a Premier Asian University


A well-established Asian university recognized the need to adopt advanced analytics in managing its sprawling operations. To achieve this, the institution partnered with a machine learning solutions company, aiming to leverage Big Data to optimize its educational offerings, enhance student experiences, and refine operational efficiencies.

The Challenge

  • Data was isolated within various university departments, complicating comprehensive analysis.
  • Decision-makers were hampered by the absence of real-time data, pivotal for academic and administrative responsiveness.
  • Outdated reporting systems led to delays and lacked the analytic depth needed for strategic guidance.
  • The complexity of existing tools reduced user engagement amongst staff and faculty.
  • With the university's growth, a scalable solution was paramount to handle increasing data demands.

Interface of a AI-based university platform


Leveraging Snowflake, Tableau, and AWS for Big Data, guided by the expertise of our machine learning consulting professionals, the university significantly improved analytics, streamlining operations and fostering a data-driven educational ecosystem.

  • Data Warehousing: Adopted Snowflake's cloud data platform for its superior data warehousing capabilities, allowing scalable, centralised storage and computing power to manage the institution's diverse data needs.
  • Data Visualisation: Integrated Tableau as the BI tool of choice, providing interactive dashboards and visual analytics that cater to various stakeholders within the university.
  • Machine Learning: Implemented machine learning models, developed by our in-house data science experts, using TensorFlow to predict enrollment trends and analyze student performance, offering the university insights to better align resources with student needs.
  • User-Centric Design: Emphasized an intuitive user interface to drive broader adoption, ensuring stakeholders can easily navigate and utilize the BI tool.
  • AWS Cloud Infrastructure: Leveraged Amazon Web Services for robust cloud infrastructure, offering flexibility and scalability to accommodate the university's growth trajectory.
  • Comprehensive Training: Rolled out extensive training modules for faculty and administrative staff, ensuring smooth onboarding and proficiency with the new BI system.
  • Security and Compliance: Enforced strict compliance with regional and global data protection standards, with robust security measures to safeguard sensitive educational data.


  • Empowered university decision-makers with deep, actionable insights, fostering an environment of informed decision-making.
  • Automated data processes resulted in a 50% reduction in manual data handling, significantly improving operational efficiency.
  • The user-friendly BI solution saw a marked increase in adoption, with an 80% user engagement rate post-implementation.
  • The Snowflake and AWS-backed solution efficiently managed a 40% upsurge in data operations, supporting the university's expansion without additional resource allocation.

Scope of work

Data Warehouse
Data Analytics
Artificial Intelligence
Cloud & DevOps

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