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Media, UAE

MVP for OOH - Digital Billboard Ad Management

Client Overview

A prominent outdoor media company in the UAE, specializing in billboard advertising, aimed to revolutionize the industry by digitizing their billboards and integrating AI technology to enhance ad performance analysis. Collaborating with one of the leading custom software development companies, the client sought to develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for an enterprise ad management software that could connect to IoT cameras equipped with Computer Vision AI to gather and analyze audience data, thereby determining the efficacy of outdoor ads.

The Challenge

The traditional outdoor advertising space faced challenges in quantifying ad performance and lacked targeted delivery. The client needed a solution that could:

  • Capture and analyse the IoT Cameras on 100 digital outdoor billboards for real-time ad management.
  • Provide dynamic ad slot booking based on comprehensive analytics.
  • A portal that would allow advertisers to self-serve and manage digital outdoor ads.

Ad performance analysis using AI technology


IoT and Computer Vision AI: Tech Active, with its expertise in ai and ml consulting, crafted an MVP that interfaced with 100 digital billboards, enabling them to collect audience metrics using IoT cameras and Computer Vision AI. This technology provided insights into audience profiles, including peak traffic times, gender demographics, and vehicle information.

Dynamic Ad Placement System: The platform allows advertisers to upload digital ads tailored and use the computer vision AI’s demographic data to strategically select billboards or to let the AI suggest optimal locations for their ads.

Real-Time Booking and Pricing: Advertisers were given the flexibility to choose the duration of their ad campaigns, with a cost structure that dynamically adjusted based on billboard location, audience data, traffic patterns, and chosen time slots.

Enhanced Dashboard and Analytics: The MVP included a sophisticated dashboard that provided advertisers with real-time analytics on ad performance, utilising data-driven insights to track viewer engagement and campaign effectiveness. The dashboard's development was further enhanced by Tech Active’s decision to hire .net developers, known for their proficiency in creating robust, scalable applications.


The client's ad management MVP revolutionised outdoor advertising with interactive, performance-driven technology, setting a new benchmark for targeted ads and paving the way for industry innovation.

  • The MVP was successfully deployed across 100 digital billboards, achieving a 85% accuracy rate in audience demographic analysis through Computer Vision AI.
  • Ad performance analytics tools demonstrated a 30% improvement in ad engagement by allowing real-time performance adjustments.
  • The dynamic pricing strategy resulted in a 10% increase in cost efficiency for advertisers.
  • Real-time data analysis led to a 25% more strategic ad placement, aligning with peak audience traffic times.
  • The MVP received an 80% approval rating from initial user feedback, forecasting a high adoption rate for potential full-scale implementation.

Scope of work

Product Development
Data Warehouse
Computer Vision AI
Data Analytics

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