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Screening Services, United Arab Emirates

Cloud-Based Background Verification Platform


A leading background verification company based in Dubai sought to modernise its services with a custom cloud-based software solution. The goal was to automate and refine the background verification process to enhance speed, accuracy, and client satisfaction. To achieve this, the company engaged in ai ml consulting to incorporate advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies into their platform.

The Challenge

The company faced:

  • Slow, error-prone manual verification processes causing client dissatisfaction.
  • Insufficient existing solutions lacking data integration.
  • Increasing demands for stringent data privacy and compliance standards.
  • Client inconvenience due to disparate systems for invoices, tickets, and reporting.

A cloud-based software dashboard designed for background verification


The company's innovative solution comprised the following features:

User-Friendly Interface: Both businesses and individuals could effortlessly submit verification requests via a straightforward and accessible interface.

Automated Red Flag Alerts: AI-powered algorithms were set up to identify and notify users about potential concerns in a candidate’s background.

Blockchain Implementation: Blockchain technology was integrated to ensure the verifications' data integrity and traceability.

Data Security and Compliance: Encrypted document storage with strict access controls was complemented by adherence to global standards like GDPR for assured privacy and international compliance.

Enhanced Verification and Real-Time Data Integration: The platform integrated a robust verification protocol with real-time data fetching capabilities, ensuring comprehensive background checks including identity, criminal records, employment history, and education were conducted using the latest information from trusted sources. The development of this system was significantly bolstered by the decision to hire backend developers, who played a crucial role in creating a stable and efficient backend architecture for the platform.

Partner Portal: A comprehensive partner portal was implemented to enable verification partners worldwide to access employee data, manage sub-assignments, and communicate efficiently, complete with features for automated payouts and earning statements. The integration of custom machine learning solutions in the portal enhanced the accuracy and efficiency of the verification processes.

Customer Portal: The customer portal streamlined the verification process for employers, allowing them to purchase credits, download invoices, invite employees for background checks, and gain access to a dashboard, verification report and manage tickets in a consolidated, user-friendly interface.


The custom cloud-based platform delivered transformative outcomes:

  • Automated processes cut turnaround time by 50% and reduced errors, improving customer satisfaction.
  • Blockchain and secure storage implementation advanced data security, decreasing incidents.
  • A unified system for verification and billing reduced management time by 30%.
  • Adherence to international standards reduced legal risks by 25%.
  • The enhanced partner portal increased efficiency by 20%.

Scope of work

Product Engineering
Zendesk integration
Data Warehouse
Artificial Intelligence

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